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The Division of Games Joins The College of Architecture and Planning

Division of Games Joins College of Architecture and Planning

[Salt Lake City, 7/5/2024] 

We are excited to announce the Division of Games joining the College of Architecture and Planning as of July 1, 2024. As the national leading program for virtual game design and research, the Division of Games has made a major impact in the gaming industry offering a unique learning experience in game developing. With their program offers ranging from a Minor in Games to a Master of Entertainment Arts and Engineering, the Division of Games is continuously propelling students towards careers with top industry professionals excelling in interactive entertainment and game design. This merger will provide a wave of new opportunities for the program that will provide support in the division’s research efforts and growth as a program.  

“The entire Division of Games – students, staff, and faculty – are so excited about this new context for our teaching and research.  The College of Architecture and Planning has a long and remarkable history of human-centered approaches to transforming the designed world.” says Dr. Michael Young, Chair of the Division of Games. “We’re eager to contribute to that effort, and expand our collective focus from the physical world to include the many virtual worlds where we play, work, learn, and thrive.”

This new chapter will also support the college’s goals in impactful growth. “This new beginning is an important milestone not just for the college and the division but also for the university and our disciplines. It also reflects the college’s aspirations to be a leader in research on real and virtual environments, to offer new, cutting-edge programs for our students, to position ourselves more strongly on campus and in the community, and, ultimately, support each of our units – architecture, design, games, and planning – become even more successful and resilient, both individually and collectively, at what we do.” says Dean Arnab Chakraborty, Dean of College of Architecture and Planning.

As the college continues to support the School of Architecture, City and Metropolitan Planning and Multi-Disciplinary Design, this expansion will aid in advancing it’s efforts to promote discoveries and innovations within the various fields the units serve and the generations of learning that will be inspired. 

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