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The Dean's Council is a group of professionals from the design-build community who provide guidance on current industry challenges and opportunities and are liaisons between the professional world and the College of Architecture + Planning.

Council Members

Greta Anderson
Greta Anderson is a graduate of the University of Utah Graduate School of Architecture and serves as Senior Principal Architect directing the K-12 Studio. Her work has focused on education spaces, especially high schools, including Olympus High School, Provo High School, and her alma mater Hillcrest High School. Greta is a recent Utah Business 30 Women to Watch honoree and founding Board Member of Women in Architecture SLC.
Julee Attig
Julee loves AEC marketing and business development because she finds it rewarding helping technical colleagues and owner clients. She has helped teams develop sound marketing and proposal strategies for multi-million-dollar projects, including the Salt Lake City International Airport Terminal Redevelopment Program; Utah State Capitol Base Isolation & Historic Renovation; Adobe’s Lehi Campus; and Zappos Downtown Las Vegas Headquarters. Colleagues know her as a dedicated, hard-working and driven person.

Inspirational quote: "Live a life with no regrets. Make intentional choices to live your life to the fullest."
Wynn Clayton
Wynn Clayton joined 3form in 2002 as Chief Financial Officer. In 2003, Wynn served as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing numerous departments while developing an operating team. In late 2019, Wynn was promoted to CEO, where he is dedicated to improving 3form’s products, operations, and culture. Prior to joining 3form, he served as Chief Accounting Officer for TenFold Corporation and, earlier, spent three years at Ernst & Young. He has an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Utah..

Inspirational quote:"Choose the path of hard work and sacrifices today to avoid a likely difficult future."
John Cottle
John is CCY Architects' Principal, a 40-person firm located in Basalt, Colorado. He has a bachelor's degree in Arts English Literature and a master's of Architecture from the University of Utah. As a design principal, John has been a primary force behind CCY's recognition for transformative interactions with nature, culture, and community. CCY's commissions are diverse in location and scale and include hospitality, new communities, private residences, and follies throughout the U.S. and internationally. John's work has been recognized in numerous regional, national, and international awards and publications.
Andrew Gruber
Andrew is the Executive Director of Wasatch Front Regional Council, the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the region, which provides a forum for public, private and community stakeholders to plan for transportation, land use, and economic opportunity -- all embodied in the Wasatch Choice regional vision. Andrew has a J.D. from Northwestern University and a B.A., from University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is from New York City, then Chicago, and moved to Utah for its natural beauty in 2010.

Inspirational quote: “Life lessons: life is a journey, enjoy the ride; do what is right, not what is easy; be nice!”
Kang Kiang
As Managing Principal, Kang Kiang is responsible for direct oversight for several market sectors, overall office management, Marketing, Business Development, PR, and implementations of firm-wide goals and objectives. In this capacity, he has been leading and positioning the firm to take on innovative design, supported by research and collaboration on projects worldwide.
Kyle MacDonald
Kyle got his start in design unwittingly, pulled by the excitement of invention and the challenge of entrepreneurship from a young age. Over the last 15 years, he has designed apparel, accessories, consumer electronics, lighting products, and household goods for his own brand, small startups, and medium and large corporations. Kyle graduated in 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Design from the College of Architecture + Planning, and he currently runs a team and teaches a course in the MDD program.
Sophia Malik
Sophia's work has focused on civic, cultural and higher educational projects, as well as community-scaled commercial work and high-end residential projects. She is a passionate voice in her community, promoting equity and inclusivity in the architecture profession. Sophia currently serves on the Women in Architecture SLC Board of Directors and previously served as a Director-at-Large on the American Institute of Architects Utah Board. She is a proud first generation Pakistani-Texan.

Inspirational quote: "If you're having fun, you're doing it right."
Curtis Miner
Curtis founded Curtis Miner Architecture in November of 1998 and has managed the firm since that time. He has served the community in many positions including the American Heritage School Board of Trustees, Pleasant Grove Planning Commission, Pleasant Grove Historic Commission, and the AIA Central Utah Executive Board. He is a registered Architect in the states of Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Washington, and Oregon.

Inspirational quote: "Don’t allow current challenges to limit future opportunities."
Mark Morris
Mark is a founding partner of VODA. He is an urban designer and licensed landscape architect with extensive land planning experience throughout the U.S. Western. Mark’s recent project experience includes a major green infrastructure installation for the University of Utah, a strategic plan to develop an innovation district in downtown Mesa, Arizona, and urban design for the re-birth of Regent Street in downtown Salt Lake City.
Corinne Piazza
Corinne is a Senior Project Manager with the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City, where she manages a vast array of community revitalization projects that improve livability, create economic growth, and foster authentic communities in Salt Lake City. Corinne has 15+ years of experience across private, nonprofit, and public sectors, and utilizes her background in community engagement and strategic partnerships to implement successful public benefit-oriented projects, ranging from public art to affordable housing. Inspirational quote: "Sometimes you don't need more caffeine, you need to sit quietly and regroup."
Robert Pinon
Robert Pinon is the Vice President of MHTN Architects. Robert grew up around the world as an Embassy-brat, graduating from High School from Nido de Aguilas in Santiago, Chile in 1992. After serving an LDS mission to Japan, He moved to Utah to attend the University of Utah and never left. He and Jan have been married for 24 years and have 2 boys and a dog. Robert holds a master’s degree in Architecture.

Inspirational quote: Focus on the destination, even if it means taking a couple of side roads – but most of all, enjoy the journey!
David Polk
David is the GSA Regional Chief Architect for the Northeast & Caribbean Region in NYC- overseeing the implementation of national Design Excellence policies while providing subject-matter expertise on federal courthouses, land ports of entry, master plans, and workplace solutions. He is also an adjunct professor of Interior Design at Marymount University and Exhibition Design at The Corcoran @GWU.

Inspirational quote: "Architecture isn't just about creating new buildings; architecture is about creating new ways to be an architect."
Thomas Quigley
Thomas is the Senior Principal and Director of Healthcare at HOK, and an alum from the University of Utah (BS ’92, M.Arch. ’94). As the director of HOK’s global Healthcare practice and member of the firm’s business strategy committee based in Washington, D.C, Thomas has led several of HOK’s most significant and innovative healthcare projects in Asia, North America and Europe. Stemming from his interest in the clinical, operation and financial planning; he has lectured globally on the design issues confronting healthcare systems.

Inspirational quote: "Don’t think too small – the world needs the kind of design thinking you are developing to tackle its most important opportunities."
Sara Taggart
Sara Ference Taggart is a Senior UX Designer at Vivint where she leads design for experiences in the Vivint mobile app. She also leads the Accessibility Guild at Vivint, which promotes the design and delivery of accessible experiences. Sara received her Bachelor of Science in Multi-Disciplinary Design at the University of Utah. She is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Inspirational quote: "In a world where a strong portfolio is paramount, remember that great portfolios are rich with experiences, hardships, failures and lessons learned."
Whitney Ward
Whitney, a principal at VCBO Architecture, is an advocate for sustainable design and provides expertise in the design and documentation process for sustainable buildings. She has extensive experience in programming, facility planning, and community master planning. Whitney embraces a holistic design approach that ensures that functionality, flexibility, and durability are at the forefront of the projects that she works on.

Inspirational quote: "There is an emotional, physical, and environmental impact created with each building we build and the spaces we create. As designers and building professionals, we have a responsibility to make each place the best it can be for the people who live in it, the community it serves, and the land it sits on."
Phillip Wentworth
Philip is a Vice President at Naylor Wentworth Lund Architects and has been working in the industry for over 20 years. He is thoroughly experienced in the design and construction of educational facilities and has developed exceptional experience with projects that include student on site replacement and renovations. Philip finds inspiration in weaving the technical and artistry within design.

Inspirational quote: "There is no answer, seek it lovingly." - Tom Kass