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Angie Matinkhah MA’87

"My career trajectory would not have happened without great mentors. I came to the U in 1983, intrigued by computer applications in the architecture field. Thanks to the guidance and collaboration of professors Edward F. Smith, D.Arch. and Wayne Rossberg, Ph.D., our small Utah company grew to be the premier source of construction specification research, development, and automation. I am forever grateful for such amazing career and life mentors."

—Angie Matinkhah

U Alumni Board of Governors member Angie Matinkhah MA'87 came to the U in 1983, soon after passing architecture board exams in the Philippines. With her desire to step beyond mainstream architecture studies, and intrigued by computer applications in architecture, she quickly learned that the U was the right destination. Matinkhah’s two professors eventually became her mentors, thesis advisers, and business partners. She never would have had this unique opportunity and a fulfilling career if she had not attended the U. Matinkhah will be forever grateful and will continue to support the U any way she can.

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