The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

Dean’s Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of Utah’s College of Architecture + Planning where we are leading innovation in how we educate students in the rapidly changing professions of architecture, design, and planning. Whether it be our Multi-disciplinary Design students designing response to our increasingly threatened Dark Skies, or Architecture students designing and building high performance, deeply affordable ADUs, or City and Metropolitan Planning students leading campus sustainability efforts, our graduates emerge with a sense that they must be creative, critical, and caring in all that they do. We do so rooted in four commitments:

  1. Responsibility: A responsibility to past, present, and future generations for the sustainability of our creative expressions that reallocate natural resources
  2. Resilience: A systemic understanding that polycultures and diversity nurture greater ecological and community resilience
  3. Respect: A respect for the health and culture of all people and places
  4. Response: The demand to respond to the grand challenges of our time through innovative and collaborative modes of practice that demonstrate our commitment to excellence and quality

These four commitments are game-changers that suggest that care is the ethical imperative of our profession’s demanding new modes of thinking and doing to transform the world into a better place. We believe in the inspirational quality of both evidence and empathy; we believe in creative play rooted in curiosity; we believe in the necessity of symphony, the power of story, and the criticality of meaning. Quite simply, this is a special place at a special time where there is a convergence of faculty, students, and professional communities that seek positive, transformative change. We are a community that lives by the saying “be the change you wish to see”. This is the Utah School and we sincerely hope you come and join us…to make a difference.


Keith Diaz Moore, Dean
College of Architecture + Planning