The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

CA+P Differential Tuition Report (FY2021-2022)


The College of Architecture and Planning offers specialized, professional graduate education and offers the only accredited degrees in both architecture and planning in the state. Both professions have become increasingly technologically intense during this 21st century while simultaneously economic pressures common to higher education in the nation challenge the resource needs for offering the signature pedagogy of studio/workshop in these professions. These critical issues have been recognized by the College and its constituents and is addressed in numerous ways including a differential tuition paid by students.

Academia continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Specifically in regard to differential tuition expenses, significant increases occurred in terms of IT and student:faculty ratios.  The university stopped providing maintenance and supply funding out of student computing fees, increasing our College IT expenditures more than $40,000.  The increase in student:faculty ratio expenses derived from the units increasing adjunct pay almost 20 percent.  This is due to both inflation as well as the hot economy making it more difficult to secure professional adjuncts.  Lastly, to assist students with the economic impact of COVID, increased scholarships were available, thereby increasing student success expenditures.  The negative balance in our College’s Differential Tuition is significant.


The following chart outlines the revenues and expenditures regarding differential tuition in FY 21-22.








Student:Faculty Ratios

High-impact Learning Experiences
Student Success








The above revenues and expenditures results in a net loss of ($236,696) for the year, the second year of deficit in our Differential Tuition account.  We need to come back into balance and have requested of the university an additional $420,000.  With our current 113 graduate students, the deficit per student is $2095 per student.  If the response to our budget request is not positive, we will ask students to support raising the zero-differential from $709.62 per semester in AY2022-2023 to $1750 per semester in AY2023-2024 and keep the per credit hour differential rate the same.  This would move the college from the lowest to the second lowest zero-hour differential on campus for those programs charging such a differential (recreational therapy would become the lowest).  In comparing median salaries of the various professional programs charging zero-hour differential, the College of Architecture + Planning would be charging $1750/sem with a median salary in the profession of $82,320.  The closest comparisons are Occupational Therapy ($5552/sem; $86,280), Physical Therapy ($4607/sem; $83,010) and Communication Sciences ($4361/sem; $82,180).

Discussion of this proposal with College Student Council began during Spring 2022 and will continue through the 2022-2023 academic year.